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Preble Rocks!

What you need to know:

Anyone can participate. You paint a rock. You can paint a picture, a positive message, the options are endless. After your rock is painted, then you hide it in public areas around Preble County. On the back of your rock you can paint Preble Rocks or Facebook/PrebleRocks that way it lets people know about the group. We encourage you to post to our Facebook about rocks you painted, hid or have found. You can even give hints to where a rock may be hidden.

Some people just find rocks, some just paint rocks, and some do both. All forms of participation are welcome. If you find a rock its yours to keep, leave, or re-hide it. Finder’s Choice.

Want to know more? Contact us!

Call Us:  (937) 456-3999

Email Us:  info@preblearts.org

207 E. Main St. 
Eaton, OH 45320

Open Hours:

Tue - Fri, 11am - 6pm

Sat, 10am - 2pm

Available during and after hours for
art parties and reservations. 





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