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Our Sales Gallery

Find unique pieces of art created by local artisans. From Pastels, to Photography and Ceramics, Jewelry and Tapestry. All hand-crafted locally and with love. Add to your Art collection or find a one of a kind gift for that special someone.
Find pieces from:
 Elm Tree Pottery, Cinthya Tipton Clay Masks, Daniel Bell Pottery, our own Executive Director-Claudia Edwards, as well as Erin Abney, Preble Clayworks, Kelsey William Hildebolt, Erica Keener, Netta’s Naturals, Todd Mowry's Pottery, Mojgan with fused glass,  Yetunde Rodriguez

The Preble Arts Merch

You can also find a variety of items available such canvas bags, colored pencils, various styles of t-shirts, and a number of hand-crafted mugs.
Whether a souvenir or a gift for someone, Preble Arts has it!

Local Artists and Artisans

Preble Clayworks

From her home studio outside of West Alexandria, Amy Dillon has been creating ceramic wares since 2004. She produces high quality ceramic jewelry and decorative items. Themes reflecting on the natural world’s imagery, patterns, and colors adorn the surfaces of her work. Multiple techniques are implemented to produce a variety of styles; some historical and some contemporary. 

William Hildebolt

The late William Hildebolt used local wood in creating his hand-crafted cutting boards. These handcrafted cutting boards are made from healthy trees grown in 3, centuries-old fertile, native woods of Southwestern Ohio. Every time you use your cutting board, it imparts vigor and vitality to the food that you eat. This artisan series of cutting boards are made from a select combination of cherry, maple, ash, and black walnut.  There are only a few left in stock. 

Erica Keener

Erica's work consists of pastels and her inspiration is usually taken from an outdoor location in the local area. With her bold use of color and her eye for natural detail, Erica’s work captures the world around us, yet requires viewers to reconsider even the most mundane of daily scenes in what she refers to as "luminous bright-scapes". In particular, she enjoys trying to capture clouds and storms as they move over the landscape. 

Netta's Naturals

Netta’s Naturals is a line of handmade skin and hair care products. The products are free from harmful chemicals and made with oils and butters that your skin naturally loves. Each handcrafted soap is made either from sustainably sourced palm oil or grass-fed beef tallow that is rendered from locally sourced beef. 

Yetunde Rodriguez

Yetunde is a textile artist and designer and her medium of choice is block printing. This work is directly connected to who she as a person and would continue to design blocks, carve, print, and sew even if she never sold another piece. Yetunde's work arose from a desire to see her aesthetic reflected in a way she had not previously seen it. At the time she started creating textile prints, Yetunde saw a limited scope of African inspired design represented in home decor. As a lover of color, she wanted lots of joyful color in eclectic combinations 

Erin Abney

Erin Abney creates unique necklaces out of metal spoon handles.

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Available during and after hours for
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